Introducing the Bloglines Newsletter!

By all accounts, 2004 was the breakthrough year for blogs, with a recentPew Internet & American Life report showing thatblog readership jumped 58% last year. Merriam-Webster even identified”blog” as the most looked-up word of last year.

The tremendous growth we’ve experienced in RSS aggregation is why we’regoing to continue to do everything we can to bring blog and news readingto all Internet users. This month we’re introducing our newest feature,the Bloglines Newsletter, to help inform you and provide a glimpse into the different ways people are using the service.

The first issue explains keyword search feeds and profiles how a cancerresearcher uses Bloglines to stay up-to-date with scientific publishing.

You can choose to receive the newsletter via email or simply stay subscribed to Bloglines News,and we’ll let you know when each issue is posted.

So take a look at the inaugural issue of theBloglines Newsletterand let us know what you think. We’d love to hear abouthow you use Bloglines!


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