Bloglines for the iPhone and Mobile Phones – Reminder


Last week, I met a big name blogger who is also a dedicated user of Bloglines.
I couldn’t help but notice his iPhone typing skills. He was clearly pounding out
at 40 words per minute which is super-fast on the iPhone. I was really excited to
hear his impressions on iBloglines, our iPhone optimized version of Bloglines.
Unfortunately, he hadn’t heard of iBloglines. I was crestfallen. I realized I needed
to do a better job telling Blogliners about our great products.

No better time than the present to remind everyone of the great Bloglines mobile
products. We have 2 major product sets: iBloglines for iPhones and Bloglines for
mobile phones.

iBloglines for iPhones – located at

Pin – Save the story for when you get back to your Mac or PC.
Email Articles – Sharing is fun.
Search – Find the latest buzz with our blog and feed search.
Auto Refresh of “My Library” – No need to hit refresh to get the latest updates.
Hide Images – We know EDGE is slow, and your time is valuable.
Preferences – Personalizing is essential. Our Blogliners love to personalize their experience so they can optimize their feed reading flow.

Bloglines for Mobile – located at and

Why two different versions of Bloglines for mobile phones? One is Bloglines Classic
( which has been around for years.
The other is our new beta product (
which has the latest set of enhancements.

Bloglines has had a leading mobile feed reader for the last couple of years. It’s always been one of our key product strengths. So we were really excited to make our mobile product even better. We were busy over the summer re-writing the mobile code from the ground up. A new version of mobile is available as part of the Bloglines Beta Releases. Go to on your cell phone. When we feel it’s ready, we’ll make it available on Bloglines Classic. Key Features

  • Start Page – Your Bloglines Start Page is displayed at the top of the screen. This way you can pull your favorite feeds to the top.
  • Pin (formerly known as Keep New) – Sometimes you want to save that special post to read later when you’re not on the go.
  • Pagination – Instead of loading all of your posts, we parse out the posts into smaller bundles to fit into the memory constraints of cell phone browser. This has numerous benefits including improved speed, better reliability and safer “mark read” behavior.


Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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