Bloglines’ Volunteers Wanted!

Blogliners, we’re looking to meet you face-to-face for some quality time to discuss how you use a feed reader. We’re looking to meet people who are new to feeds and feed readers. We’ve met a lot of people over the past few months at conferences, the forums on the web, etc. And we love meeting our power users, but now we need to find some users who are new feeds and feed readers.

Here are some key questions to determine if your right for our customer research:

  • New to feeds and Bloglines in the past year.
  • Consider yourself a non-techie.
  • Willing to do some “homework” about 10 minutes a day for a few days.
  • Have broadband.
  • Live in the Bay Area – a must.
  • Willing to meet with our researcher for 90 minutes during the week of 11/29 to 12/7.

Modest compensation will be provided for you time.

Since we know that Bloglines attracts a wide set of people, we want to get a good mix – all ages, home or work users. So we’ve created a short (5 minute) survey to help us find the folks who best represent the Bloglines audience. In turn, we’ll contact you to arrange a meeting with our researcher. If you’re interested, please check out the survey.

Thanks so much!

– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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