Bloglines Beta – Even Faster!

Earlier this week, we released another round of improvements
for Bloglines Beta:.

It’s Faster

Most people have commented on how fast the Bloglines Beta is, much faster than the classic site. However, a web site can never be too fast! Will, Bjorn and Ben have been reviewing the front-end code looking for

ways to shave time off common actions. Hold onto your seats, you’ll definitely feel the speed improvements especially in QuickView and 3-Pane View. We hope you relish the time saved not waiting to download. We are.

Back-button Support

Because sometimes in life, you do need to go backwards to go forwards. Now you can use the browser’s back button like on standard web sites. Hitting the back button will take you to the previously loaded screen.

Expandable Start Page Modules

Some feeds just demand more space on your start page. Now you can change the size of the start page modules with a simple drag-and-expand of the lower right-hand corner of the module.

Better Support for Smaller Screens

We’ve noticed a number of Blogliners complaining that they were not able to see the “Mark All Read” and “Edit” buttons in the feed header. We’ve modified the header to better support smaller screen sizes and those who use a narrower browser window.


– Eric Engleman & The Bloglines Team


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