Today’s Trifecta! – OpenID Support, Mobile and New Personalization Preferences

It’s been a fast and furious last few weeks as the Bloglines Team has released four releases in four weeks. We’ve released “Pin”, “Email Post”, inline styles, and now as of today support for OpenID. New Personalization Preferences and Bloglines Beta Mobile. We went back and forth about how we should get the word out. Should we post over several days, make one massive post, or break it up into different posts,We decided to launch at once and blog at once; we have detailed posts for each of these releases, in case you want to read more.

  • OpenID – Bloglines Beta and Bloglines Classic will both support OpenID. Going forward we’ll support consuming OpenID, OpenID 2.0 and are investigating the use of other Open Standards such as oAuth and APML.
  • Mobile – Bloglines Beta now has a new version of Bloglines Mobile with additional features such as the “Start Page”, “Pin” and improved browser support.
  • New Personalization Preferences – Bloglines Beta has added several new personalization features as well as implementing support for the current feed reading personalization features.

We’re going to keep the pace up and continue releasing features left and right.


– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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