Personalization Preferences

We’ve been comparing our fall release cycle to a mad-dash European tour. If it’s Tuesday, it must be Paris. It’s Tuesday!We’re probably launching our latest release for Bloglines Beta.

Today’s release focuses on the personalization settings to optimize your feed reading experience. We have a combination of something old, something new, something borrowed and of course, the site is blue.

Where to go?

Look in the header and you’ll see the word “settings.” Click on it. The personalization settings page will appear.

What’s New?

  • Mark Individual Posts as Read – You can now choose between Bloglines Classic or Bloglines Beta mark read behavior. You can either mark individual posts as read or mark the entire folder as read.  The current default is to mark individual feeds read. We’ll continue to monitor the comments around this setting closely. We know this is very important to our long-time Blogliners. In addition, I want to thank those who gave us feedback commented in the forums or posted on the web. Note – we want to make sure the people who have stood by Bloglines continue to do so. So we’re listening to you all.
  • Remember View – Many people like to have a single view across all of their feeds.  This way there is consistency for feed reading. However, some have discovered the beauty of selecting different views for different feeds. For example, many like to read feeds with lots posts in quick view whereas comic feeds look better in Full View.  To each his own. The current default is to have all feeds stick with one view.
  • Use Feed CSS – CSS Support can be turned on or off. CSS means we will deliver the feed in the style as defined by the publisher. The current default is to have CSS Support on.

What’s Old?

  • Phone and Mobile settings – Fine tune your experience to make the most when you’re on the go.
  • User settings such as creating a user name which is necessary to establish an OpenID with Bloglines
  • Change email and password.

Now Something a little Different

  • Sort Oldest/Sort Newest – You’ll notice this no longer a global preference available from the settings page. Now when you click sort Oldest/Sort News is changes the sorting view for all feeds.

We appreciate all the support you’ve given us over the years.


– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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