CSS Support for Feeds

Last night, we released support for publisher defined style-sheets. This means going forward Bloglines will display publisher created CSS (cascading style-sheets) in the main reading views.

Why Do Publishers use CSS?

Most publishers use CSS to ensure content is designed consistently across browsers. If the publisher uses CSS in their feed, you’ll see the publishers style-sheet.

What does this mean for me?

You’ll see the content as the publisher designed it. A good example brought to our attention is the use of the “float” tag. Many bloggers use this tag to wrap text around an image. In the past, we wouldn’t wrap the text around the image. Now we do. There are lots of other examples of how the content will be displayed a little differently. A full list of all of the CSS style attributes we support is located here.

For the most part everyone, will benefit because most publishers attempt to make their feeds readable for feed readers.  In addition, we figure that the people who track a few of their friends’ feeds will probably like to see more for their friends “style” in their feed reader.  However, some publishers might make stylistic decisions which might make it hard for people to scan content quickly (small grey typeface on a black-background). That’s why we built an option to turn this CSS Support off. If the publisher’s design style is making it hard for you to scan and read your feeds, just to go Account Settings, Feed Options and turn off the CSS Support.

We want our Blogliners and bloggers to be happy.


– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team

PS: If this text is blue then your reader supports CSS.


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