The Latest Construction on Bloglines Beta 1.01. – Pin, Send Email, Help and Hotkeys

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Last week we launched our beta site and it looks like many of you noticed.The overall response was exceptionally favorable, but one topic was lost in the excitement: the site is stillunder construction!Many people thought we were done. On the other hand, a number of our classic Blogliners pointed out several of their favorite features missing or not implemented quite right.  Both parties are right. If the beta currently fulfills your needs, great move right in. If it doesn’t fulfill your needs right now, don’t fret, we still have a large number of features to implement and a few features to refine. Take your time.

We’ve been listening to our core users and rolled out several features from Bloglines Classic which were frequently requested by our Blogliners.Keep an eye out for these new icons:

Keep as New – retitled “Pin” – This feature temporarily saves a postin the reading view.  It’s very useful for when you see a large post, but don’t have enough time to read the post.
Email this – One of the great things about a feed reader is sharing all of the great posts you discover.  Click on the email button at the bottom of a post and you can send those especially interesting posts to a friend.

We’ve also implemented a couple of other features available in the current site.

Help – We’ve implemented a dynamic help site using Right Now Technologies.It’ll allows us to create help articles on the fly. We’re also going to experiment with pointing out to great help content created by our user community. So if we see a great tutorial someone has written, we just mightlink to you.
Hotkeys – The majority of hotkeys are working:

  • “j” – advance forward in the reading view
  • “k” – move backwards in the reading view
  • “r” – refresh left pane
  • “s” – advance to the next feed
  • “f” – advance to the next folder
  • “A” – mark your selected feed or folder as read
  • “n” – toggle Pin – different in Classic
  • “o” – open article in new window – different in Classic

I’ve included a couple of screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

We’ll continue to listen to Blogliners in theforums and across the web. Our next set of features we’re working on will include editing feed subscription preferences and creation of additional beta preferences that will allow you to configure the beta to handle read/unread posts just like in classic Bloglines.

We’ll keep you all posted as we get closer. Again thanks for the feedback.

– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team.


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