Bloggers Cheer Bloglines Beta Release

Photo Courtesy of StockVault

Wow! We were a little overwhelmed by the positive response our Beta received earlier in the week.We expected a few in the tech-set to write reviews, but never imagined the out-pouring of excitement. I thought I would share some of the high-points.

  • Read Write/Web did an exceptionally detailed review and here’s a little except,”Bloglines has me back as a fan!”
  • Even the competition likes Bloglines Beta. Chris Wetherall of Google Reader described Bloglines as, “Wicked Cool.
  • 3,000 posts were written across the web. Most of these from Blogliners excited about the return of Bloglines.  I love you Blogliners!
  • Lots of people were and continue to discuss future releases of Bloglines in our Forums.

But we also wanted you to know that we heard another message—Don’t take too long to release additional features!

We’ll be listening to you and announcing additional features going forward.In fact, our next feature slated for release is “Keep as New.”This was the single most-requested item from active Blogliners. We’re workingon it right now. We’ll keep you posted on this and other releases as we getcloser.


Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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