Meets, Greets, and Feeds at Gnomedex

Picture by Brian Solis.

You know a conference is going to be good when the first person you run into is one of your power users. ForGnomedex 2007,my first conference as the new GM of Bloglines, I hoped to meet many Bloglines fans, and sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.Mike Davidson, CEO ofNewsvine, who says hissecond most important thing in life is Bloglines, got me started off in style We chatted and he told me some of his favorite features and the way he uses Bloglines. He likes the hack by John Hicks for a Mac-like interface.

Later in the day, I got to meet Stan James,Founder and CTO of Lijit. Friends told me to be sure to talk to him. He’s a bit of a wunderkind who got VC interest in his PHD dissertation. Also, he’s a big fan of Bloglines and has been analyzing public Bloglines data and talking with other researchers for a while now.

On Saturday, I was spacing out for a moment when I noticed the person in front of me scanning through loads of feeds at light speed. Once I noticed the Bloglines logo, I knew we had to chat. It turned out to beArieanna Schweber, a long-time Bloglines user. We chatted for a bit and she pointed out a few things she would like to enhance in the future. She also works atB5 who is looking tohire bloggers.

I’ve been busy the last couple of months working with the team to define our next major releases. We’ve been talking to Blogliners and charting the next generation version of feed readers. I look forward to meeting all of the big fans of Bloglines at future conferences and of course in our user forums.

We’ll keep you posted on key events going forward. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.


– Eric Engleman and the Bloglines Team


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