Personalize Bloglines with Playlists and Glimpse

You use Bloglines because it helps you keep track of your favorite blogs and feeds. But what if you have certain feeds you view only in the morning? Certain feeds you look at to cheer you up, or when the boss isn’t around? You don’t want to re-arrange your whole “My Feeds” listing just for those occasional whims or times of day. That’s why Bloglines introduces not one, but two new services to make things easier.

Playlists lets you create short groupings of feeds to access from your main list. Create as many as you like, and use them to personalize your Bloglines experience that much more. Create them, change them, even delete them–all without changing your original “tree” of feeds. What song playlists are to your MP3 library, Bloglines Playlists are to your Bloglines blogs & feeds.

Want a quick look of those Playlists you just created? That’s what Glimpse is for. Click on one of your Playlists in your left nav and you’ll see the first five posts for every feed in that Playlist. Don’t like the order of your feeds? Drag and drop ’em until you do. It’s easy. Plus, you can set one Playlist up as a default–and it’ll be the first thing you see every time you launch Bloglines.

Playlists and Glimpse are two more ways we’re working to make your Bloglines experience easier–and just maybe, a little more fun. Have any questions? Let us know!

— The Bloglines Team


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