Have no fear, Publisher Tools are here!

Early last week, Jeremy Zawodny postedabout moving his blog and disappointment with how aggregators handle 301 (permanent) HTTP redirects. Infact, there have been a number of high profile bloggers who have recently feltthe pain of moving their feed including Robert Scobleand ResourceShelfby our Ask.com colleague Gary Price.

Bloglines has always tried to ease the pain of moving your blog. If you set upa 301 redirect, Bloglines will automagically set that feed as a duplicate to the new feed after a week or two. Our customer support team has also responded to requests to mark feeds as duplicates. But we knew publishers needed a smoother process.

As of last night, we now offer you an American-styleself-serve-fix-it-right-now solution. We launched a new set of tools for publishers which allow you to claim your feeds and manage them within Bloglines. We’re offering several nifty tools but we’re especially excited about offering you a way to mark an old feed as a duplicate of a new feed. When we set a feed as a duplicate, all of the subscribers are brought over to the new feed so there’s no need to ask your Bloglines readers to re-subscribe.Follow the Account link (header, top right) to find Publisher Toolsand follow the instructions to claim your feed.

Trepidations about losing Bloglines subscribers when you move should be a thingof the past. You are now free to move about the blogosphere.

– The Bloglines Team


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