Post Your Freedback

Nope, that’s not a spelling error. Chris Pirillo lead a “Users in Charge” conversation at Bloggercon this week. Afterwards on his blog, Chris called on all users to provide constructive feedback to product creators and developers by including the term “freedbacking” in their blog posts.

Bloglines wants you to know that our ears are wide open. Whether you use the Bloglines reader, search, publish a blog or all of the above, we want your freedback. Simply include the terms “freedbacking” and “bloglines” somewhere in your post and we’ll pick it up. For those who don’t have a blog or for those who have blogs without feeds, please submit your freedback via our contact form. We may not always reply or post comments but your freedback will be incorporated into our existing projects, ongoing roadmap and product vision. And if you are interested in participating as a beta reviewer, let us know.

We hope other product teams will follow suit and monitor the freedback posts directed toward them. The Bloglines team uses search subcriptions in Bloglines to monitor freedback but any product team can do the same. To subscribe to a search, perform a search, then click on either Bloglines or RSS on the right.

Bloglines will be at Gnomedex this week in Seattle. If you plan on attending, we’d love to hear your freedback in person. For those who don’t know, Gnomedex is a conference organized by Chris Pirillo. Although it’s small (a few hundred people), it packs a big punch because the attendees and presenters number among the most influencial and active participants in the Internet and Blogosphere evolution. We’re looking forward to our 30 minute session on Friday afternoon.

Happy Freedbacking,

– The Bloglines Team


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