Duplicates; Real & Imagined

We want to take this opportunity to clear up a common misconception. People often ask us why they are seeing duplicates of posts they have already read. In most cases, they are seeing an updated version of the original post. You can see the difference if you check the bottom of the post for either a “Posted on:” or an “Updated on:” date. If seeing updated posts is more annoying than helpful, you can turn off the feature by editing the subscription, which you can do a few ways. You can click on the edit link at the top of your feed list then double click any feed name to edit, or while reading any subscription you can click on “edit subcription” in the top right. To exclude updated items, select the “ignore” option.

Another area where people may see duplicates are search subscriptions. You aren’t imagining it in this case. What’s happening is that some feeds aggregate and repost content from other sources so you are seeing the post that came from the original source plus the reposts. You might also see duplicates because publishers offer feeds in multiple syndication formats such as Atom and RSS. Which leads us to our next topic.

As we continue to develop new features, small and large, we also make necessary improvements to existing systems. Expanding our support for the Atom 1.0 syndication standard is the latest of these. You may notice duplicate posts coming from atom feeds as we make the switch from the old to the new atom parser. But have no fear, these duplicates will fade away and soon be a distant memory.

– The Bloglines Team


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