Blog & Feed Search on tap at Bloglines!

Have you noticed? There’s a new search tab on Bloglines. Go ahead and click on it. It won’t bite. And there’s a nice warm search box on the other side just waiting to fulfill your every need. Not to mention, it’s the first big mashup with, so we’re pretty excited.

Want to know more first? OK, ye of little curiosity and much patience, this blog’s for you. Behind that fancy search tab is our all-new “Blog & Feed Search.” We created it by building a search index populated exclusively with Bloglines’ human-selected subscriptions. We then applied’s world-class search technology to the index and supplemented the Ask algorithm with Bloglines subscription data and citation information. The result is a blog search we feel is second-to-none. In fact, we’re so happy with the results, we’ve given everyone two ways to enjoy them: on and, with each site’s version sprinkled with a few specialized features. (Check out the blog post on the blog or visit <a href=” for the specialized features.)

So enough with the back story and on with the show and tell.

If you haven’t been bitten by the Bloglines bug yet, maybe you are asking “Why use Blog & Feed Search?” I am here to tell you, my friends, that your world is about to change. Bloglines Search will help you find blog posts, articles and commentary from the live web that matters to you and to just about anyone else including my mamma. And Bloglines delivers it to you in a single, easy to use, online application.

We live in a fast food, me first, don’t-give-me-my-grandfather’s-tired-old-news-source world. As CNET’s Elinor Mills said, “Comedian Stephen Colbert’s satirical routine mocking the administration at the White House Correspondent Association’s dinner received scant attention in the mainstream news, but it set the blogosphere on fire.” As soon as that news broke, we wanted to know more and we wanted it fast. search technology indexes new content approaching the speed of light – OK, maybe not that fast but certainly minutes and sometimes within seconds, of it being published.

Speedy updates are just one of the many features offered by Blog & Feed Search on Bloglines:

  • Search for Posts, Feeds or Citations (a.k.a. links).
  • Limit your search to your Bloglines feeds, or exclude them.
  • View additional results for matching feeds & news are offered in the right column.
  • Give us a name and we’ll also present you with posts Authored by and About them.
  • Preview 5 most recent posts for any feed by mousing over Preview Feed.
  • Expand the summary to view the entire post inline using the + button.
  • Subscribe to search queries in Bloglines or any other reader.
  • Email the article, or Post it to your Bloglines Blog or Clippings folders.
  • Sort your results by Relevance, Date or Popularity.
  • Filter results by time or popularity on Bloglines.
  • Exclude news feeds (or search only news).
  • Find matching results in up 20 languages.
  • Mobile-friendly search from your pda at

Pretty cool, huh? Wait till you try it. Really. Go try it. Pig out! And then come back for more because the Bloglines team has plenty more candy up our sleeves to help you find, subscribe and share the content that matters to you. So have a taste of this and stay tuned.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions so keep ‘em coming and we’ll respond as soon as we can, but we probably won’t respond as blazing fast as our search engine.

Robyn DeuPree
Bloglines Product Manager

P.S. There are two little Easter egg features that I’m sure one of you Bloglines users will find and appreciate. Have fun searching for it!


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