Drag ‘n’ Drop – Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

If you are like most Bloglines users, you’ve found that it’s too easy to subscribe to a ton of feeds but way too hard to keep them organized. While modern medicine has yet to invent a pill to cure Bloglines addiction, the feed management improvements we released yesterday will at least help you, our users, cope with the symptoms.

Feed Management

The features previously separated in Edit and Reorder/Sort modes are now consolidated into a single Edit mode found at the top of My Feeds and Clippings.

  1. Create a new Folder by clicking on the New Folder icon.
  2. Rename inline. Click once to select the item and click a second time to edit the name.
  3. Double click on any item to edit details for feeds, folders and clippings.
  4. Unsubscribe or delete a folder by dragging it to the trash can. (Tip: To cancel a drag, tap the Esc key.)
  5. To manually sort, simply drag and drop into place; use the arrow keys or mouse wheel to scroll.
  6. To sort automatically, make your selection and then choose from the dropdown menu. You can sort alphabetically, reverse alpha, by oldest or newest first, or by the number of unread items.
  7. If you use Bloglines Mobile, you may want to exclude feeds from your mobile view to avoid wasting valuable minutes downloading feeds you don’t need.
  8. Do you have a handful of feeds that you read more often than others? Turn off the Notifier for the other feeds so that little ‘ding-dong’ only interrupts you when it’s important.
  9. Maybe you’re a tattoo artist and don’t want to share your Blogroll for fear your clients will find out you read knitting blogs. Have no fear, you can keep it secret. Just mark them as private and those feeds won’t be listed.
  10. We’ve made it easier to choose multiple items. You can now use shift-click to select ranges or ctrl-click (command-click on Mac) for separate items.

We also want to give a shout out to some folks who have posted wise words about how to handle information overload:

Our mission at Bloglines is to make it easy to find and read the information most important to you. Today’s feature release is only the beginning of a long queue of improvements we plan to introduce over the coming months.

This has been a public service announcement from the Bloglines team.


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