Over 1 Billion (Articles) Served

Mark Fletcher already provided a five part blog/novella on wingedpig.com describing the behind-the-scenes details of our recent datacenter move.  But we also wanted to share how the move has improved the health and well-being of Bloglines for our users.

We’re proud to say that Bloglines has experienced tremendous growth, more than tripling subscribers, feeds and articles in less than a year. On January 5th we topped 1 billion articles and we’re currently pulling in new articles at a rate of 3-4 million per day.  For those number naysayers out there, keep in mind that we only keep articles from feeds that users have subscribed to (which also keeps our splog count lean).  For these reasons, we consider ours to be the highest quality blogosphere index that exists.

With the system and hardware upgrades now in place, Bloglines users are experiencing across-the-board performance improvements, including increased freshness and faster page loads.  For example, check out the cliff on this graph, courtesy of GrabPERF, showing how the datacenter move helped us drop our page response time from 0.7 to 0.2 seconds.

Click to see full graph

With the move well behind us, we’ve got a lot more time to spend improving Bloglines.  We’ve been listening to what our users want to see and we’re already working on killer stuff (just wait and see).

– The Bloglines team


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