Bloglines “Key” New Features

Today we rolled out some new features to help you keep up with all the information that is important to you.

If you prefer using your keyboard to mousing around, you’ll be happy to know we’ve added these shortcut keys. You will find this legend at the bottom of each feed display page:

On a personal note, I must say these hotkeys rock! If you are like me and seem to get a gazillion articles in your Bloglines every day, these hotkeys are for you. I used to go through a finger stretching, huff & puff ritual before I reached for my mouse and dove in to Bloglines. No more, thanks to Bloglines’ hotkeys. My absolute favorite is ‘j’ which allows me to jump from article to article instead of scrolling. I can now read my Bloglines in half the time, no joke!

But wait! There’s more…

Unread vs. Keep As New
There’s a difference between “Unread” articles and those marked “Keep as New” (subtle, but distinct), so you will now see two numbers next to your subscribed feeds in parentheses. The number to the left of the colon represents the articles you have not read/seen before, and the number on the right represents the articles you have manually kept new.

For those who enjoy using Bloglines on the run, we’ve added a couple of features from Bloglines to our Mobile edition.

  • First, you can now access enclosure links in blog articles, allowing you to view images or listen to your favorite podcasts from your mobile device.
  • Second, you can now use the “Keep as New” option for articles you have previously read, allowing you to scroll through as many articles as you want and come back to them later.

And finally, the ginsu knives of Bloglines …

Universal Inbox
Continuing the rollout of “unique-to-me” features like weather and package tracking, we’ve partnered with to deliver daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, and to bring you lottery winning numbers and jackpot values for any state in the USA.

Please let us know what you think about our new features. No need to send email, just post to your blog and our Bloglines saved searches will pick up your feedback.

Robyn DeuPree
Product Manager, Bloglines


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