Quick Pick Subscriptions & More New Translations

Say you’re new to Bloglines and just starting to explore our service. Or maybe you’re teaching someone else the ropes. Check out our new Bloglines Quick Pick Subscriptions. Bloglines Quick Picks make it easier than ever to find cool things to subscribe to, with suggestions in 37 categories to suit everybody from Animal Lovers to Wordsmiths. If you believe in the wisdom of crowds, try a few from our daily list of most popular subscriptions. With millions of subscriptions available, there’s something at Bloglines for everybody.

And in our team’s never-ending quest to justify glamorous foreign offices, we’re introducing new translations for two of our favorite places: The Netherlands and Italy. We’ll move there for work! Yeah, that’s the ticket. After all, Antonio already invited us: http://blog.ask.com/2005/07/a_postcard_from.html — that’s as good as HQ approval, right?


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