Bloglines Helps Bridge The Vastness Of Space

For Immediate Release

Bloglines Helps Bridge The Vastness Of Space

News Feed and Blog Reading In The Warrior Tongue

Oakland, CA, Earth — Stardate: 2005.4.1 — Bloglines,the world’s most popular free online service for searching, subscribing,publishing and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content, today opened thedoors of its service to audiences beyond our solar system with a newtranslation in Klingon, the galaxy’s fastest-spreading invented language.

“The custom of sharing grand stories of conquest and battlehas a long standing history among the Klingon people,” said Mark Fletcher,founder of Bloglines. “Blogging is simply an easy way to continue thetradition while stuck in deep space, away from your family. We feel thatpresenting Bloglines in the Warrior Tongue was long overdue.”

Klingon marks the eighth language translation for Bloglines,joining Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Tonavigate Bloglines in Klingon, simply select the language from the menu on theleft hand side of the Bloglines home page. To find out more about the Klingonlanguage, visit or checkwith your local Klingon embassy. Qapla’!

loghDaq ghotpu’ rar Bloglines

DaH QonoS ladlaH tlhIngan Hol jatlhlaHbogh ghotpu”e’

Oakland, CA, tera’ — HovpoH: 2005.4.1 — Bloglines QaQ law’Hoch Qaq puS. DaHjaj tlhIngan HolvaD mughta’ QonoSmey bobejmoHlaHboghBloglines’e’. nom tlhIngan Hol jatlhchoH ghot law’.

<<tlhIngan nughvaD qun ghaj may’ bom tIgh>> jatlh BloglineschenmoHta’bogh Mark Fletcher. <<HopvIS qorDu’lIj, tIghvetlh taHmoHmeHtlhIngan ngeD neH. tlhIngan Bloglines mughmeH QaQ DaH,>>

BloglinesvaD Hol chorghDIch ‘oH tlhIngan Hol’e’. Chinese, English, French,German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish je muvta’. tlhIngan Hol leghlu’meHHIDjolevDaq tlhIngan Hol yIwIv! tlhIngan Hol Daghoj DaneHchugh yIlaD qoj tlhInganrIvSo’ yISuch. Qapla’!


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