We have rolled out several updates to Bloglines. There are two new versions of the Bloglines Mozilla Extension, anEnglish version and a Portuguese version, with the following new features:

  • “Blog this Link” and “Blog this Text” options in context menu,allowing easy posting to your Bloglines Clip Blog
  • Automatic updating enabled
  • Compatible with latest Firefox nightly builds (0.11 or 1.0RC1)
  • Updated icon and text

In addition to the Mozilla extension, a new Firefox extension calledLiveLines has been developed by Bloglines user Gomyoung Kim.The notifiers page has a list of allthe Bloglines notifiers and browser extensions available.

There has been a lot of activity involving the BloglinesWeb Services, and we have updated the listof programs that use them. Several additional aggregators haveannounced support for Bloglines. There’s a new Bloglines IM notifier, severalprograms dedicated to Bloglines and podcasting, and a script to download your Bloglines feeds to your iPod.

Finally, we have updated the Bloglines Web Services Sync API. The getitems method now supports bulk fetching ofarticles from all the subscriptions within a folder.


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