Keep New and Related Feeds

We rolled out two new features this evening, Keep New and Related Feeds.We also rolled out several minor interface changes, designed to makeBloglines easier to use.

Keep New

When reading your feeds, at the bottom of each entry is a checkbox labeledKeep New. Check it and that entry is marked unread, and will stay that wayuntil you uncheck the box. This is useful for entries that you decide youdon’t have time to read right now, but that you don’t want to save in yourClippings folder. You can also use the mark all new link thatappears at the top of each feed in the right pane when reading subscriptionsto reset all the currently displayed items to unread.

Related Feeds

Throughout the Bloglines site, there is now a related feeds link foreach feed. We look at all the Bloglines subscribers for a given feed, andcalculate what other feeds may be related to that feed. This is another method for finding interesting feeds. It complements the Bloglines Recommendations which differ inthat those are personalized for each user.

Log In Change

Finally, on a technical note, we changed how user authentication isdone on the site. All this means to you, our users, is that youmay have had to to log in again after the site upgrade, even if you werelogged into the site before.


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