New Version of the Bloglines Notifier for Windows

Yesterday, we announced new notifiers for Mac OS X running Konfabulatorand KDE/Unix. Today, after extensive testing, we are releasing a new version of the Bloglines notifier for Windows. The notifier is a tiny program that puts an icon in your system tray which indicates when yourBloglines account has new items to read. Changes in this versioninclude:

  • Works with proxies
  • It’s easier to specify the time between updates, and longer intervalsare available
  • Clicking on the Bloglines icon now always brings up a browser window;previously it would only do that if you had new items to read
  • A new browser window is used instead of reusing an existing window
  • Clicking on the icon to bring up your Bloglines account also resetsthe unread count in the notifier to 0; if you have a long update intervalthis will prevent false unread readings
  • Several bug fixes

To download, please visit our notifierdownloads page.


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