August 12, 2003

The latest issue of the Bloglines Update was just sent out.

    The Bloglines Update for 8/12/03

    In this issue:

    o We’ve Been Busy
    o Have a Blog? Increase Your Readership
    o Lockergnome!
    o Help Us Improve Bloglines!

    — Welcome! —

    Welcome to the latest update report for Bloglines. We periodically send out these messages to update you, our users on new features and services. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, edit your Bloglines profile by going to and change the ‘Receive Newsletter’ option to ‘No’.

    — We’ve Been Busy —

    Since our last Bloglines update message, we’ve added many newfeatures and options. Most were suggested by our users. Have anidea on we can improve Bloglines? Tell us! See the end of thismessage for more information.

    Here is a list of just some of the features we’ve added in the past couple of weeks:

    • Search
      You can now search over 750,000 blog entries from over 9,000 blogs. Too many? You can also limit searches to blogs you subscribe to. See
    • Improved Manage Subscriptions Screen
      Managing subscriptions in Bloglines was too difficult. So we re-worked the manage screen to make it easier to reorder subscriptions and add folders. See
    • Combined Views
      Don’t like clicking on individual subscriptions to view new entries? Group several subscriptions in a folder. Then, you can click on the folder and see all the new entries for the entire folder. You can also click on the ‘Subscriptions’ link at the top of the My Blogs page and see all the new items for all of your subscriptions. To add folders and move subscriptions, see
    • Time Zones
      Not everyone lives on the west coast. You can now configure Bloglines to display times in your time zone. See for more information
    • Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet
      It’s easier than ever to subscribe to blogs with Bloglines. We have a subscription bookmarklet that makes subscribing to a blog as easy as a single click. See

    — Have a Blog? Increase Your Readership —

    We recently added several new Bloglines subscription buttons.It is easy to include a subscription link to Bloglines on your blog. Your readers will easily be able to stay current with your blog without having to remember to visit it. The Bloglines crawler includes the number of subscribers to your blog with each feed request, so you will always know how many Bloglines subscribers you have. See forstep-by-step instructions.

    — Lockergnome —

    Bloglines was recently featured as a Lockergnome Gnome Favorite.Thanks guys! If you haven’t noticed, Lockergnome has a greatRSS resource site, and you can subscribe to it using Bloglines.See and to subscribe, see

    — Help us Improve Bloglines! —

    We are continuing to upgrade and improve the Bloglines system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. Know how we can improve Bloglines? Tell us about it! Send us a message byclicking on

    Thanks again for using Bloglines and tell a friend about us!

    The Bloglines Team


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